Conservation, Forestry, and Management in a Changing Landscape


Resilient Forestry, LLC



Pre-Sale and Harvest Operations

We work with forest owners on all aspects of implementing forest stewardship plans and timber sales. Services include stand exams, stream typing, cruising, harvest layout, DNR and county permitting, contract and compliance administration, We have extensive experience with thinning mature stands, wildlife habitat improvement projects, non-commercial vegetation treatments and seedling planting projects, and working with multiple stakeholders to communicate the benefits and trade-offs of forest management.


Forest Stewardship Planning

We combine field forestry capabilities with landscape-scale analyses and multi-stakeholder decision making for publicly-owned lands, private forest owners, and non-profits. Services include forest inventories and management planning, sale layout and harvest administration.

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Forest Data Analysis

Services include forest growth modeling with FVS, GIS analysis, and landscape analysis using LiDAR and other remote-sensed data.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Resilient Forestry has a unique skill set in monitoring changes in forests over time for compliance or research objectives. We design and implement seedling survival studies, pre- and post-harvest monitoring, and long-term forest vegetation surveys for public and private clients.


About Resilient Forestry

Leaders in conservation and collaborative forest stewardship in the Pacific Northwest

Resilient Forestry’s mission is to achieve the greatest outcome based on the best available science for our ecosystems and their surrounding communities. Our purpose is to clearly share our knowledge and expertise with forest managers to facilitate meeting functional ecosystem management objectives over the long term. We strive to translate the latest science into practical solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of management actions.


Resilient Forestry LLC was formed in 2018 and focuses on conservation-oriented forest management, collaborative and multi-stakeholder forests, forest management on public land, and forest ecosystem analysis. 

Resilient specializes in forestry projects that balance economic requirements with ecological and public use objectives.



Owner/Lead Analyst

Sean has forest management, research, and analysis experience from up and down the West Coast and National Forest collaborative experience in eastern Washington and Arizona. He specializes in forest restoration and analytics. Sean earned his PhD in forest ecology from the University of Washington.

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Owner/Lead Forester

Miles has a wide range of expertise in forest restoration and management. His work experience includes summers as a wildland fire fighter, field mapping old-growth forests, and using remotely-sensed datasets to model landscape-scale forest management scenarios. Miles earned both undergraduate and Master’s degrees in forest ecology from the University of Washington.



Diversity Statement

Resilient Forestry is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive working environment where we are committed to growing a diverse and equitable workforce. We actively encourage ourselves and our employees to ask questions, be open-minded, and have a willingness to continue learning. Through building a community that listens to its members, respects different perspectives, and is ever mindful of the numerous dimensions of diversity we hope to foster a company that is supportive, genuine, and fun to work for!

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